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Casual Lunch

Your choice of 1 dish from Tapas Menu
Mini Green Salad
1/2 size Agedashi Tofu

Deluxe Lunch

Your choice of 3 dishes from Tapas Menu

Both Lunch Sets are Served with
 Miso Soup
 Today’s assorted appetizer plate
 Today’s Salad
 Premium grade short grain rice
 Petit Dessert

Tapas Menu
Stir fried Teriyaki Chicken Thigh Double Cooked Tender Spareribs
Teriyaki Crispy Skin Salmon Sauteed Mushrooms(V)
Pan Fried Tofu Steak (V) Beef Tataki
Agedashi deep fried Tofu (V) Tuna Sashimi
Tempura Prawns Salmon Sashimi
Tempura Soft Shell Crab Tuna and Salmon Sashimi
Tempura Vegetables(V) Assorted Nigiri Sushi Lunch Japanese Tap Beer
Crispy Deep Fried Kara-age Chicken

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